Sync outside your Dropbox folder

Unfortunately, it is not possible to synchronise folders outside your Dropbox folder. For organisational reasons you might not want to put all your important folders in your Dropbox folder to keep your files synchronised or have duplicates files taking space on your harddrive.
Fortunately, there is a trick to work around this problem.


  1. Download first a program called junction from Microsoft.
  2. Extract the file to a easy to find folder. E.g. “C:\Tools”.
  3. Run Command Prompt as Administrator to allow changes to your system.
  4. In the Command Prompt type in this example cd \Tools
  5. In this example we assume your Dropbox is in the user folder of user John.
    If you want to synchronise your My Pictures folder with your Dropbox folder then type junction C:\Users\John\Dropbox\Pictures “C:\Users\John\My Pictures” (notice the use of quotes with folder names with spaces)
  6. In this example a folder named Pictures is created in the Dropbox folder which from now on will be syncronised with Dropbox.
  7. To remove the folder Pictures from Dropbox just delete the Pictures folder from your Dropbox folder. Do NOT delete the single files. This will delete your original files in your My Pictures folder.

OS X or Linux

  1. Open Terminal
  2. In this example we assume your Dropbox folder is in the Home folder of user John. Type at the prompt ln -s /Users/John/Pictures ~/Dropbox/Pictures