Fake e-mail sent

A lot of us have received a phishing mail with the following silly message in Dutch. Translated it says: Your e-mail account is missing in our database. Follow the link below to prevent cancellation of your e-mail address.

Ofcourse, do not click on the link, it links to some Russian site.
I wonder how they found my e-mail address if it was missing 🙂

How to renew your Rhino license?

Every first October of the year your personal license for Rhino will expire. Luckily, you do not need to remove Rhino from your computer to update the license.

Enter your TU Delft e-mail address (not your NetID) to receive your new license. The licenses are valid until 1 October 2020. Check our manuals for Rhino on how to renew your license without reinstalling Rhino.

I have a Mac and I want to use Rhino 6

There is no dedicated TU landing page for Rhino 6 for Mac yet. However, the license key for Rhino 6 for Windows also works for a Mac.
Get the key from the link above and download a full version of Rhino 6 for Mac.

Summer holiday

During the summer @Hok will have limited opening hours between 8 and 12 July and will be closed between 15 July and 23 August.


If you need to backup your files, before restoring your Windows system, you can visit SID-Library. Before you go to the Library with your laptop, it is required that you have removed your hard drive out of your laptop and that you have an external hard drive with you to copy your important files on it.

Problems with FollowMe printing after Windows feature update

You might consider to wait before installing the feature update of Windows 10 to version 1903. The instructions in Install the Xerox printer on Windows 10 do not work if you have Windows 10 version 1903 installed.


ICT has found a working solution, which you can use if you have already installed the feature update of Windows 10. Read the instructions provided by ICT.

There are also alternative methods available for printing:

How to check my Windows version

Go to Start > Settings > Sytem > About to find out which version you have.

BK Renderfarm Connector 6.4.1

This release contains a fix for the BK Renderfarm Connector. In this version it is possible to render your scene(s) with Arnold, RenderMan and Mental Ray using the render farm with Maya 2018 (or older). The Adhok Texture Tools checks and if needed relocates your textures to the sourceimages folder of your Maya project.

It is required that you have installed the render engines on your computer. Arnold comes with Maya 2018. You can download RenderMan from Pixar and Mental Ray from NVIDIA.

Update 21/3/2019: Avira considers our Windows installer(s) as malicious. We believe this is a false postive. Before downloading uncheck Enable Real-Time Protection. After installation you can delete the installer and turn on Real-Time Protection in Avira.

Update 4/4/2019: It seems that Avira does not consider our Windows installer(s) as malicious anymore. Therefore, you do not need to disable Real-Time Protection before downloading.




  • Fixed error that Renderman is not supported by the BK Renderfarm.


  • Fixed warnings about missing Mental Ray nodes when using other render engines than Mental Ray.
  • Added Adhok Texture Tools with fixes to be usable with other render engines than Mental Ray.
  • mrtool.exe is now 64-bit.
  • Fixed detection by installer for Windows whether Maya is running during installation.
  • Added the option for Maya 2019 in installer for macOS. For the time being Maya 2019 is not supported by the render farm.


  • Fixed contents of sourceimages not being copied when using other render engines than Mental Ray.


  • Removed warnings that Arnold and RenderMan are experimental.
  • Removed obsolete code (borderStyle).
  • UI changes depending on chosen render engine.
  • Fixed UI squeezing into upper left corner of the main window caused by connection error with the BK Renderfarm.
  • Updated mrtool from version 6.1.6 to 6.2. This fixes also protocol version mismatch.
  • Fixed part of text missing in installer for Windows.
  • Added the option for Maya 2018 in installer for macOS.


  • Added Arnold and RenderMan for use with the BK Renderfarm.
  • Added dialog box warnings that Arnold and RenderMan are experimental.


  • Original release from TOI.

Known issues/bugs:

  • Renderfarm icon sometimes not visible in @Hok shelf.
    • Switch between shelves to make the icon appear.
    • Delete userPrefs.mel (location in Windows: C:\Users\<user name>\Documents\maya\2017\prefs, in macOS: /Users/<user name>/Library/Preferences/Autodesk/maya/2017/prefs)

If you find issues, please report issues by email. Or leave a message via Facebook or Twitter.