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If you’re planning to buy a new laptop or computer, it’s important that the configuration you choose supports the applications you’re going to use as an Architecture student.
Do the check before you buy a laptop

Prevent disappointment: check before you buy!

If you have a specific laptop in mind, you should do a final check to make sure it’s suitable for Architecture. Be as complete as you can. If you’re a master student, describe what you are going to use the laptop for. Because the Architecture masters don’t have a single fixed education program, we can only give a personalized advice if we know what you’re planning to use a computer for.

Unfortunately we’ve noticed that you can’t rely on advice from most computer shops. The software we use at the faculty of Architecture is quite unique and the workload is atypical. Most computer re-sellers don’t take these specifics into account, which may lead to incomplete advice and in the end disappointment.

You can use the form below or walk by our office to discuss your options. When you use the form on this page, you receive a response from us by email, usually the same day.

We need at least the following information:

  • Brand and model (eg: Apple 15-inch MacBook Pro with Retina)
  • Processor (eg: 2.5 GHz quad-core Intel i7)
  • Memory (eg: 8 Gigabyte)
  • Storage size and type (eg: 1TB hard disk drive, or 256GB SSD)
  • Graphics (eg: nVidia GeForce GT 860M or Intel Iris Graphics 6100)
  • Display physical size and resolution (eg: 15.6-inch WLED 1440×900)

If you provide a link to a page with the exact product specs, you do not need to include them again in the form.
Use the notes section to explain why you’ve chosen this laptop, so we can tailor our response to your preferences.

Online Hardware Check Request


okIf you’re planning to buy the TU Delft Laptop Project High Performance model, you’re all set. This model is geared to be used with professional 3D applications.

warnHave you made another choice or do you have specific requirements? Use the form below to check whether the configuration is suitable for the software that’s used at the Faculty of Architecture.

Your Name (required)

Your Email (required)

Phase (required)

If you're a Master student, please specify what software you're planning to use (recommended)
Revit or ArchiCAD
Maya, 3ds Max or Blender
AutoCAD or Vectorworks
Photoshop, Illustrator or Indesign
After Effects or Premiere
other :

Link to product page (optional)

Specifications and notes

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You can fill in this form either in English or in Dutch.

Note: We’ll try to respond as quickly as possible, but it may take a day or two in some circumstances. @Hok is not open during the summer holidays, but we’ll try to respond to electronic inquiries within two days.

Privacy notice

Your name and e-mail address is only used to answer your request for advice by e-mail and not for any other purposes. This form also includes the IP address of your local internet connection (e.g. at school, home, public transport). The IP information is only used to block spam bots sending false requests. To prevent bots sending false requests beforehand Google reCaptcha is part of the form. Click on Privacy in the reCaptcha box to read the privacy policy of Google.


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