TU Delft Laptop warranty

TU Laptop 2016-2017 / 2017-2018 / 2018-2019

Hardware related issues with your laptop can be reported by mail or phone to Misco Solutions (the shop from which you bought the laptop).
They will determine if a repair or replacement is required. If so, you’ll receive a “call number” of the issue. With that you can drop your laptop off at SID Drebbelweg in Building 35.

Helpdesk Misco Solutions
E-mail: laptopproject@miscosolutions.nl
Telephone: 088 – 435 8111 / 0172 – 634 711 (local rate)
Opening hours: Monday – Friday 8h30 – 17h

SID Drebbelweg
Building 35
Cornelis Drebbelweg 5
Opening hours: Monday – Friday 7h30 – 18h

You can get a replacement laptop that you can use during the service period for your own laptop.

TU Laptop 2015-2016 and before

The warrant period for these laptops has ended. The only official option for servicing of these laptops is a third-party, commercial service company that is HP certified. You can do simple part replacements (such as a hard disk or memory) yourself, or ask a computer-savvy friend. HP offers maintenance guides for most Elitebook laptops and a few instruction videos on their website.
Complex repairs, such as systemboard replacements are not feasible in most cases, because the repair costs exceed the value of the laptop by far.