Wired network at BK-City

Most students know the Eduroam wireless network that is available on the campus. Less known is the wired network, called FlexNet, that is available for laptops in the faculty of architecture (BK-City).

Why a wired network? What’s wrong with wireless?

broken wireless antennaThere are two main reasons:

  1. A wireless network only supports a certain amount of laptops within any given space. So the capacity (in number of devices per volume) is limited.
  2. It’s a shared medium, meaning that available bandwidth is shared between the connected devices. More devices means lower speeds per device.

So you may encounter problems on the wireless network. Either you can’t get a stable connection because the maximum capacity has been reached (reason 1), or your network speeds are too slow to work with even when you’re close to the access point with a strong signal (reason 2).

How do I connect to FlexNet?

UTP CableFirst you’ll need a network cable (UTP cable). A short cable of 1.5 meters should suffice.

You can buy cables at Waltman’s Bookshop in BK-City or at any computer store. The outlets to connect to are in all tables in the studio’s throughout the building. These are labeled ‘Active’.

Secondly you need to set up your computer to be able to connect. When you connect for the first time you need to complete a few registration steps. When you connect your computer (make sure you switch off wireless) and you open your webbrowser and try to surf to any website, you should be redirected to the registration page.

The registration takes a few simple steps. You’ll authenticate using your netID. When you complete these, your connection should be working withing a few minutes (at most).

When you don’t get redirected automatically, try to surf to http://netaccess.tudelft.nl

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