TU Delft ICT manuals

@Hok provides printed copies of these manuals at our office. We can also assist you if you encounter any problems with these manuals.

Table of Contents of the manuals linked on this webpage:

Printing: Webprint

We have a guide for printing/creating PDFs from Adobe products and printing booklets from Adobe InDesign.

Network connection: Wireless

As a student or staff member of the TU Delft you can connect to the wireless network via eduroam with your NetID. As a visitor from other research and education institutions you can also connect to eduroam with your user credentials from your institution.

If you are a visitor that cannot use eduroam you can use TUvisitor with an activation code. This activation code can be provided by your host (staff member or Secretarial Department).

Network connection: Wired

Besides a wireless network, there are also wired network connections available on campus. Using a wired connection offers better performance and a more reliable connection.

Most studio tables at BK City have wired connections. Not every network outlet is enabled. Outlets should be marked with an “Active” sticker. You must bring your own network cable. A 1-2 meter ‘UTP patch cable’ should suffice. You can buy a cable at Waltman’s Bouwshop in BK City or any computer store.

The one-time registration process for the wired network is straightforward. Plug in and point your web browser to any website or directly to netaccess.tudelft.nl. You will be redirected to a registration page that guides you through the process. Except for visitors, the registration is valid for one year, after which you’ll be asked to register again.


Different manuals are available for different operating systems on ictmanuals.tudelft.nl.

Network connection: VPN (Virtual Private Network)

Some resources – such as software licenses, library databases and access to specific servers – are only accessible from the TU Delft campus network. When you’re outside the campus, you can connect through the campus network using VPN, allowing you to access these resources from home, abroad or any other location.

Software required for TU Delft VPN connections can be found at

Other Manuals

Manuals on various aother topics, such as accessing your TU Delft Webdata, uploading a personal website etc. can be found on ictmanuals.tudelft.nl

About these manuals

Most manuals on this website are officially maintained by SSC-ICT of the TU Delft. @Hok is involved with writing and updating some of them. The official, full repository can be found on http://ictmanuals.tudelft.nl or http://icthandleidingen.tudelft.nl.

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