Software installation guides

@Hok provides printed copies of these installation guides at our office. We can also assist you if you encounter any problems with these installation guides.

Table of contents of the manuals linked on this webpage:

Windows 7 and Windows 8 on Mac OS X

Use these manuals to install Windows on your PC or laptop. It’s possible to run Windows on your Mac as well. For more information on running Windows on your Mac, see our Windows on Mac page.


It may happen that serial numbers are unavailable temporarily. Autodesk replenishes these at intervals. If this happens, you can still install the students version – try to get your serial number on a later moment. It will run in trial mode for the time being (max 30 days). Don’t install the regular trial version from, as you will not be able to save your files!

There is no version of Revit for Mac OS X. If you want to run Revit on your Mac, you need to install Windows on your Mac first.





Flow Design

Unreal engine

Other Software

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