Should I install Windows 10?

This question is a bit hard to answer. It depends on your knowledge with installing missing drivers for your laptop or desktop computer and your ability to troubleshoot problems with getting software running on Windows 10.
We did not yet test setting up Eduroam wireless, installing FollowMe printers, installing and running software which you need for education in Architecture.

If you think you can get everything working and solve problems by yourself then the answer would be: Yes, you may install Windows 10.

If you think you cannot get everything working and solve problems by yourself then the answer would be: No, you should wait installing Windows 10.

Before installing check the hardware requirements for Windows 10. The 64-bit version of Windows 10 may not run on older computers, because your processor (CPU) needs to support certain features.

Advanced Visualization Course 2015 Hand Out

Advanced Visualization Course

First of all we want to take the time and thank you for your involvement and enthusiasm, without your participation this “most amazing and awesome” visualization workshop would not have been possible.

As aforementioned, we want to share with you the presentation slides and the Photoshop file.

Once again thank you very much for your participation.
Friendly regards,

PS: We are obliged to mention that the presentation slides and the Photoshop file are the property of @HOK and TU Delft, the files may only be used for personal educational purposes. By downloading the files you are agreeing to these Terms and Conditions.

Download 1: Presentation slides Day 1 (click here to download the presentation slides)
Download 2: PSD File Original Render (click here to download the PSD file)

Helpful links:
Cutouts: Link 1 ; Link 2 ; Link 3
( ! Tip.Try, if you have the time, to create your own cutouts as we taught you. Originality is always better)

Helpful Tutorials: Link 1 ; Link 2 ; Link 3 ; Link 4 ; Link 5 ; Link 6 ; Link 7 ;
(! Tip. Exercise, Exercise, Exercise )

PS: Original image can be found under the following link and is copyrighted to Zameer Abedin.

Advanced visualization course 2015

@Hok will organize an advanced Photoshop course for students this April.
In this course @Hok will guide you trough the process of creating an Architectural Visualization from render to final product.

Basic to advanced Photoshop knowledge is required

  • Admission price: FREE | Subscription Required
  • Data 29’th of April (10:45 – 12:45)  & 1’st of May 2015 (09:00 – 12:45)
  • Location Room A at the Faculty of Architecture
  • For more information and subscription visit the @Hok desk

SURFspot licentiecodes

Heb je software gekocht via SURFspot? Zorg dat je voor maart de gegevens zoals installatie- en licentiecodes, en downloadlinks, uit je productkluis overneemt en op een andere veilige locatie bewaart. SURFspot lanceert medio maart een vernieuwde website, waarbij de productkluis niet mee kan verhuizen naar de vernieuwde site.

Voor meer informatie kan je tercht op (Log eventueel in met je NetID)