Summer holiday


During the summer @Hok will have limited opening hours between 9 and 13 July and will be closed between 16 July and 24 August.


If you need to backup your files, before restoring your Windows system, you can visit SID-Library. Before you go to the Library with your laptop, it is required that you have removed your hard drive out of your laptop and that you have an external hard drive with you to copy your important files on it.

MyTUDelft app

Home screen MyTUDelft appThe TU Delft has launched a renewed version of the MyTUDelft app. With this is app you can find your personal:

  • Schedule
  • Grades
  • Study progress

Furthermore, you can get push notifications about:

  • Registration deadlines
  • New results

You can download the app from the Apple App Store and Google Play. The previous MyTUDelft app will stop working as of today.

For more information check this page and for support contact E-Learning Support.

Rhino 6 available for TU students

Finally, TU Delft students can download Rhino 6 which comes now with Grasshopper built in. Rhino 6 is only available for Windows. Use your TU e-mail address to get Rhino 6 with a free license.

Your TU e-mail address is not your but is in general your initials separated with dots and surname and sometimes followed by a dash and a number if you have a very common surname. If you have your TU e-mail forwarded to another (web)mail service and you still haven’t received an e-mail with your serial number, check also your SPAM folder.

Mac users will have to wait or you can install Windows on your MacBook or iMac with Boot Camp or a virtualisation application like Parallels Desktop, VMWare Fusion or VirtualBox.

Boot Camp is part of macOS and is for free. Parallels Desktop and VMWare Fusion are not for free. Parallels Desktop you can buy at SURFspot with a student discount. Virtualbox is for free, but might not work very well with 3D applications like Rhino.
For Windows you will need a license which is also available at SURFspot.


BK Renderfarm connector 6.3.3

This release contains a bugfix of our adaptation of the BK Renderfarm connector from the TOI Maya Toolbox. In this beta version it is possible to render your scene(s) with Arnold, RenderMan and Mental Ray using the render farm with Maya 2018 (or older).

It is required that you have installed the render engines on your computer. Arnold comes with Maya 2018. You can download RenderMan from Pixar.




  • Fixed contents of sourceimages not being copied when using other render engines than Mental Ray.


  • Removed warnings that Arnold and RenderMan are experimental.
  • Removed obsolete code (borderStyle).
  • UI changes depending on chosen render engine.
  • Fixed UI squeezing into upper left corner of the main window caused by connection error with the BK Renderfarm.
  • Updated mrtool from version 6.1.6 to 6.2. This fixes also protocol version mismatch.
  • Fixed part of text missing in installer for Windows.
  • Added the option for Maya 2018 in installer for macOS.


  • Added Arnold and RenderMan for use with the BK Renderfarm.
  • Added dialog box warnings that Arnold and RenderMan are experimental.


  • Original release from TOI.

Known issues/bugs:

  • Renderfarm icon sometimes not visible in @Hok shelf.
    • Switch between shelves to make the icon appear.
    • Delete userPrefs.mel (location in Windows: C:\Users\<user name>\Documents\maya\2017\prefs, in macOS: /Users/<user name>/Library/Preferences/Autodesk/maya/2017/prefs)

If you find issues, please report issues by email. Or leave a message via Facebook or Twitter.