Half-term break

The break is here, even for us. Between teaching weeks 2.10 and 3.1 (Monday 5 February to Friday 9 February) @Hok will remain closed, also for online help. Please do not break your laptop during this week. After the break we’re available again for all your software and computer related problems. Enjoy your week!

Eduroam connection issues

At the moment, you may experience problems with connecting to eduroam on certain Windows devices.

If you have tried:
1) Checking if your NetID password is still up-to-date;
2) Tried logging in on eduroam using username netid@tudelft.nl and password;

Consider rolling back Windows security update KB5033375 and/or KB5032288 to get eduroam working again.

If you are unsure how to do this, please come to our office!

Summer Holiday

During the summer @Hok is closed from 10 July until 25 August. During this period non of us is available to chat with you or respond to your mails or phone calls. We are open again from 28 August.

What if I need help?

Check sid.tudelft.nl for the availability of other Student IT Desks at TU campus during the summer.

BK Renderfarm connector fix

The BK Renderfarm connector is updated to fix an issue with publishing (copying) your Maya project to the render farm when it contains Bifrost containers.
Upgrade to this version if you have Bifrost containers in your Maya scene file. You can check for Bifrost containers with MEL command ls -long -type “bifrostContainer”.

Download the latest version of the BK Renderfarm connector.

Semester break

Spring break is near, we’ll take a trip,

Away from computers, we’ll do a flip.

But don’t worry, we’ll be back in a flash,

With renewed energy, ready to bash those tech-mishaps!

From February 6th until the 10th we’ll be closed,

So don’t leave your computer exposed.

Happy Holidays!

Adhok and our online chat is closed from Monday 26 December 2022 until Friday 6 January 2023. We are available again from Monday 9 January 2023.

Stay healthy, enjoy your Christmas holiday and a happy New Year!

Update – Webmail not accessible

Due to a malfunction you cannot access webmail from outside TU campus or without eduVPN. People from ICT and Microsoft are looking into the matter. Check Reports ICT for latest updates.


You can access webmail without eduVPN using owa.tudelft.nl. However, it works only if you have MFA already set up.

Check ICT manuals on how to setup MFA or watch this video from Microsoft.
Your username for MFA is your NetID followed by @tudelft.nl. Your NetID is your TU Delft account which you use to access online TU services like Brightspace, Software portal, Webprint portal, etc.

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