We think privacy is essential. We try to collect as little personal, identifiable information as possible, keep as much as possible to ourselves, and we do not keep it longer than needed.

Below you can read in detail what we collect, what others (third parties) collect for us, what we and others do with it and how long we and others keep it.

Data collection in detail

This website

This website collects only IP addresses and keeps it for 30 days. At the moment we do nothing with this data.

Check hardware configuration advice form.

This website has one page with a form where you have to enter some personal information. We use your name and e-mail address only to answer your request for advice by e-mail and not for any other purposes. This form also includes the IP address of your local internet connection (e.g. at school, home, public transport). The IP information is only used to block spambots sending false requests. The emails for this purpose are kept for 12 months.

To prevent bots from sending false requests, Google reCaptcha is part of the form. You can click on privacy in the reCaptcha box to read the privacy policy of Google and change your privacy settings.

Website analysis

We use Google Analytics to monitor the usage of this website. We have set the following in Google Analytics:

  • Data Collection for Advertising Features is off.
  • Data is kept for 14 months.
  • The user-ID feature is off.

We can understand if you wish to block this, but we would appreciate if you would allow us to track visitors and gain insight into the usage of our website.


We use Crisp for our chat environment. We keep the conversations for 2 months. Read their privacy policy what kind of data Crisp chat collects.

Request for information

According to GDPR you have the right to request your personal information kept by @Hok. After you have received the information you can request to correct the information or to delete the information you have requested. Please send your request by email to SID-Adhok@tudelft.nl and specify what kind of information you want to request and/or remove.