That’s unfortunate! Broken laptops are never good. Within our opening times, you are always welcome to come by and ask our help in diagnosing or fixing your laptop. However, if something happens outside of our opening hours, you can use the decision trees and info on this page to help you on what to do next.

There are a couple of things that unfortunately happen occasionally. They will be mentioned on this page. There will be some information and a decision tree that will lead you through the steps that you can take. Some steps in the decision tree might seem obvious to some, but we try to be as comprehensive as possible.

Available solutions:

Did you spill water (or another liquid) on your laptop?

The most important thing is to turn it off and disconnect it from power sources. DO NOT TRY TO TURN IT ON If your laptop battery is on the outside of your laptop, it is wise to remove it.

If this happens while you are at the faculty and @hok is open, bring it to us. We will open it up and let it dry next to our ventilator for 24 hours after which we will check it and fix problems if they arise.

If it happens at home or somewhere else, the best thing to do is to turn it upside down like a tent. Leave it to dry for at least 24 hours in a well-ventilated place. Only after you are sure no liquid is left you can try to turn it on and check if it still works.

Did your laptop completely stop working out of nowhere?
This can have multiple causes, try to go through our decision tree to figure out what’s wrong. Or come to @hok so we can help you.

Is your Wi-Fi or VPN not working? Try to solve the problem yourself with the following steps. If you can’t figure it out, let us know which step you are having problems with.