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Making backups is essential. Even a tiny mistake or sudden hardware failure can mean you lose hours or even months of work if you don’t have backups to fall back on. This page provides general information and in-depth tips and tricks on how to organize your backups.

Hardware advice

Choosing which laptop or computer to buy for Architecture education at the TU Delft is not straightforward. Students are required to bring their laptop, but to ensure you can use all software you’re going to need without problems, you must choose a laptop that meets specific requirements. On this page, we’ll take you through the main choices. We also provide links to pages with more in-depth information.

Battery life

Batteries in laptops make it easy to work everywhere without the need of a power outlet. But with time the life of a battery shortens. After a while, your laptop discharges faster than in the beginning. This loss in capacity is irreversible. This page provides information on how to conserve your battery life.


Did you know that TU Delft has its very own super-computer that is specially configured for helping you finish your renders on time? It is called the renderfarm. All students and employees of the TU Delft are eligible for using the services of the renderfarm.


Security is something many people tend to forget or try to be bothered by as little as possible. Nevertheless, it is of paramount importance. It’s probably not the first time you’ve heard this and for a good reason: we keep repeating it regardless. We seriously cannot stress enough how vital it is to keep your system and your data protected. This page provides information on how to protect your computer.

Virtual reality

This page contains information on the possibilities of virtual reality. It also includes links to the VR-lab in architecture and the VR-zone in the library.