You have created a great design that you want to visualize by rendering out a picture or animation.

Are you endlessly waiting for your computer to finish rendering your image or animation? Rendering is a matter of raw computing power, and there is only so much available in a single computer.

You wished you could have a super-computer that would finish the render job in no time!!!

Well did you know that TU Delft has a super-computer that is specially configured for helping you finish your renders on time? It is called the renderfarm. Any student and employee of the TU Delft are eligible for using the services of the renderfarm.
The Renderfarm is already in use in the educational curriculum in courses like Beyond 3D “AR0771” and also frequently used for final presentations within the other master and bachelor courses:

To use the renderfarm you need:

  1. A good connection with the eduroam network. If you are not located on TU campus at the time, you could also connect to eduroam through eduVPN.
  2. A project in Maya. At this point, the render farm can only accept Maya projects. If you have designed your project in another 3D-modeling software such as SketchupRhino or Revit do not worry you can import your files into Maya.
  3. A connection with the renderfarm service. For more in detail steps on how to connect, please visit the Renderfarm connectivity online manual.
  4. Download the @Hok Renderfarm Connector. There is a version for Windows (and macOS).

If you have any more questions, feel free to contact us: