As architecture students / professionals, one of the most important tools for presenting your design is the architectural representation.  How often have you spent endless hours in creating that perfect 3D model only to present it afterwards as merely a 2D illustration. By doing this you are not only using just half of the capabilities of the 3D model, but  you and your audience can only imagine how your design would look like on a 1:1 scale as well. This is why @HOK, together with the TOI department, are constantly working on bringing the Architectural Design Visualization one step closer to reality.

The specific departments working on this are:

If you want to try out VR for yourself, there are a few programs to try it with:

  • Sketchfab, upload your 3D models to their website and you’ll be able to test it mobile, and even in AR;
  • Enscape, mostly used as rendering software, but they also have build in VR functionality;
  • Vectorworks, use this software to sketch, model, and present your project all at once, both in 2D graphics and VR;
  • Twinmotion, also mostly used as rendering software, with VR functionality build in, free to use;
  • Unreal, incredibly advanced 3D creation software.

When you have questions or are in need of some advice regarding Virtual Reality, the VR zone at the library is able to help.