All programs are either free or reduced pricing for students. Programs highlighted in green are Open source or Free for commercial use (also for non-students). For further explanations and notes read the full article!
Lot’s of icons of programs!

Don’t worry, you don’t have to install everything in this diagram. For your first year you only need one bitmap program, one vector image program, one lay-out program and one program from the modeling catergory. In the modeling category we strongly advise you to use Rhino, as this is used a lot in our education. You will also need an “Office” package, Microsoft Office 365 for example. The curves in the figure above between certain programs give an indication of which programs are compatible and work well together.

@Hok has installation-manuals for a number of the software packages. We can also help you with all computer and most software related problems. You can reach us via mail or visit our office at the Architecture faculty!

You can find other software at: (for free)
Surfspot (for free or discounted)

  1. The Adobe software is available via Surfspot. The whole package approximately costs 130. NB: You have to register your package through Adobe. Adobe asks for your creditcard information. Don’t fill these in! See the explanation on Surfspot.
  2. 2D drawing is a bit old-fashioned, but Draftsight and AutoCAD can still come in useful.
  3. Draftsight is free for Mac and Linux, not for Windows.
  4. Rhino is used for the courses BK2TE3, BK2OV2, BK3OV3, BK3TE4 and BK3ON3.
  5. Grasshopper is part of Rhino and does not have to be installed separately. It is also possible to link to Dynamo, Revit and ArchiCAD.
  6. Python is a programming language and offers the opportunity to automate certain tasks in programs.
  7. Fusion works on the “cloud”. You can gain access to the program through your browser. If you’re not connected to the internet, you can not work with Fusion.
  8. The BIM programs require some practise in order to get the hang of them, but are definitely worth the effort. They are used a lot in practise.
  9. “Affinity” is an alternative for Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and Indesign. This costs 84 euros all together. You miss Adobe Premiere for video editing, but there are good alternative free options for that.

A. Most 3D programs have their own render engine to generate images. Sometimes it is better to install an extra renderer for better quality.
B. The render programs often work as plug-in for another 3D program. When you install a render program, first check if your 3D programs are supported.
C. The standard method is to first make a (digital) drawing of a 3D model and to render it. Next you can import this into a vector image program to edit the colours. Then you can use a lay-out program to make a booklett or poster.
D. Most (3D) programs can exchange data with one another via certain fileformats (via for example “save as” or “export”).
E. There is no program that does everything for you and “you can do that with a single push of the button” has not been successful yet.