The following information is only applicable to students who own a laptop from the TU Delft laptop project.

The warranty period of the laptop depends on the date you bought it. More information about your laptop can be found in the HP Support Assistant app, or by filling in the serial number on the HP warranty check website (located in “System Information” or on bottom cover of your laptop).

For laptops from other vendors similar warranty check websites exist.

TU Laptop with warranty

Hardware related issues with your laptop can be reported by mail or phone to Computacenter (the shop from which you bought the laptop). They will determine if a repair or replacement is required. If so, you’ll receive a “call number” of the issue. With that, you can drop your laptop off at SID Drebbelweg in Building 35.

Helpdesk Computacenter
Telephone: +31 (0) 88 435 8233

SID Drebbelweg
Location: Building 35
Adress: Cornelis Drebbelweg 5
Opening hours: Monday – Friday 7h30 – 18h

You can get a replacement laptop that you can use during the service period for your own laptop.

Laptops with expired warranty

The options for servicing of laptops without warranty are firstly coming to our office so we can diagnose and maybe help you with the repair or:

  • Contact original vendor (e.g. HP, Lenovo, etc)
  • Certified (by original vendor) third party repairs shop
  • Mom and pop stores
  • Do it yourself

Vendors offers maintenance guides for most laptops and sometimes instruction videos on their website. Complex repairs, such as system board replacements are not feasible in most cases, because the repair costs exceed the value of the laptop by far.