BK Renderfarm updates

After the updates restart of the render farm nodes is needed. The restart will be done in stages and the availability of the render nodes (instances) will be limited during this process. Current and new render jobs submitted to the render farm could take longer due to this limitation.

Our apologies for the inconvenience.

Update 16/3/2018: The updates have been successfully applied on all instances.

@Hok BK Renderfarm connector

Use our latest adaptation of the BK Renderfarm connector from the TOI Maya Toolbox. In this beta version it is possible to render your scene(s) with Arnold, RenderMan and Mental Ray using the render farm with Maya 2017 (or older). Unfortunately, at this time the BK Renderfarm cannot render Maya 2018 scene files.

It is required that you have installed the render engines on your computer. Arnold comes with Maya 2017. You can download RenderMan from Pixar and Mental Ray from NVIDIA.




  • Removed warnings that Arnold and RenderMan are experimental.
  • Removed obsolete code (borderStyle).
  • UI changes depending on chosen render engine.
  • Fixed UI squeezing into upper left corner of the main window caused by connection error with the BK Renderfarm.
  • Updated mrtool from version 6.1.6 to 6.2. This fixes also protocol version mismatch.
  • Fixed part of text missing in installer for Windows.
  • Added the option for Maya 2018 in installer for macOS.


  • Added Arnold and RenderMan for use with the BK Renderfarm.
  • Added dialog box warnings that Arnold and RenderMan are experimental.


  • Original release from TOI.

Known issues/bugs:

  • Contents of sourceimages are not copied to the BK Renderfarm when only mtoa.mll/mtoa.bundle (Arnold) or RenderMan_for_Maya.mll/RenderMan_for_Maya.bundle is loaded.
    • Load Mayatomr.mll/Mayatomr.bundle in the Plug-in Manager. Works only if Mental Ray for Maya is installed.
    • Or copy the files from sourceimages manually to the BK Renderfarm.
  • Renderfarm icon sometimes not visible in @Hok shelf.
    • Switch between shelves to make the icon appear.
    • Delete userPrefs.mel (location in Windows: C:\Users\<user name>\Documents\maya\2017\prefs, in macOS: /Users/<user name>/Library/Preferences/Autodesk/maya/2017/prefs)

If you find issues, please report issues by email. Or leave a message via Facebook or Twitter.

BK Renderfarm Security Updates

Due to needed security updates the render farm will put new jobs on hold until the updates on all instances have been performed. Instances running current jobs will continue until they are finished and updates on those instances will be performed after the jobs have finished. It is possible that newly submitted jobs have to be submitted again after the security update.

Our apologies for the inconvenience.

Update 15/1/2018: The updates have been successfully applied on all instances.

Update: MacOS High Sierra security bug allows full access

Update: Apple has released a fix. All High Sierra users can download the Security Update 2017-001 via the App Store. More information at https://support.apple.com/nl-nl/HT208315

This bug allows you to change settings in your Mac without entering any password for administrator account root. Only users with High Sierra (10.13.1 and 10.13.2 beta) are vulnerable.

You can fix this by creating a password for account root. Follow these steps from Apple to fix the problem or use our manual. Steps from Apple also available in Dutch.

After you have applied the fix, do NOT turn off your root account until there is a fix from Apple. Turning it off will make the bug return and you will be vulnerable again.