@Hok Maya Renderfarm connector

Test our adaptation of the BK Renderfarm connector from the TOI Maya Toolbox. In this test version it is possible to render your scene with Arnold and RenderMan using the renderfarm with Maya 2017.

Mental Ray is still available in our test version, but for the time being the renderfarm will use Maya 2016 to render your scene. Errors may occur when a scene contains elements unique to Maya 2017.

It is required that you have installed the render engines on your computer. Arnold comes with Maya 2017. You can download RenderMan from Pixar and Mental Ray from NVIDIA.


Known issues/bugs:

  • Bottom part of text missing in installer for Windows.
  • Renderfarm icon sometimes not visible in @Hok shelf.
    • Switch between shelves to make the icon appear.
    • Delete userPrefs.mel (location in Windows: C:\Users\<user name>\Documents\maya\2017\prefs, in macOS: /Users/<user name>/Library/Preferences/Autodesk/maya/2017/prefs)
  • Renders from Arnold (may) contain a watermark.

If you find issues, please report issues by email. Or leave a message via Facebook or Twitter.

Rhino for Mac educational only for € 95 until 1 Jan 2017

Rhino 5 for Mac is nearly complete according to McNeel, the developer of Rhino. With this the price will increase to € 195 at the beginning of the new year. There will be one or two more service releases (for free), but no more major features will be added. Check https://www.rhino3d.com/sales/europe/Netherlands/all/ for resellers in the Netherlands and more information about this great offer. Prices are likely without 21% VAT (BTW).

Price list of educational licenses.

Price list of educational licenses.

The educational versions of Rhino (for Mac) are the same as commercial version and you are also allowed to use it for commercial purposes. More details about these conditions can be found on https://www.rhino3d.com/edu.

Malfunction receiver.tudelft.nl

Download Citrix Receiver from www.citrix.com/go/receiver until the issue on receiver.tudelft.nl is resolved.

With Citrix Receiver you can remotely use apps/programs made available to you by TU Delft. Citrix Receiver is available for students and staff of the TU Delft. Choose and download the manual for your operating system (e.g. Windows, Mac OS X, etc.). Skip the first section related to downloading Citrix Receiver and continue from section ‘Installing Citrix Receiver’.

Screenshot Citrix Receiver desktop.

Screenshot Citrix Receiver desktop.