Whether you’ve got question about modeling in Maya, Virtual Reality, creating a poster in Illustrator, rendering an animation for your presentation or installing the wireless network access or webprint, you can ask @Hok.

You’re assisted by employees that have many skills in various areas and you’ll find many sources of information gathered there. Our goal is to help students get going, while we aim to facilitate self-support where possible. Read more about what we do on the @Hok services page.


BG.Midden.130 (between Stylos and M&C)

Faculty of Architecture (building 8)
Julianalaan 134
2628 BL Delft

Opening hours

9:00 – 17:00
Monday – Friday


If you’re looking for a telephone number : we don’t provide support by telephone. The main reason is that most problems are very hard to solve or explain by telephone. Furthermore we think it’s not fair that people who call or mail us take precedence over people that are waiting at our office. Answering the telephone is unfortunately too much of an interruption when we are busy assisting students at our office.

If you want to contact us for anything other than support, for instance if you have any suggestions, please contact @Hok’s team leader Aytaç Balci.


The pilot for @Hok ran from February 2009 until July 2009. The project was initiated by the faculty of Architecture and TOI. The pilot was a great success and @Hok is now a separate support organization for students of the Faculty of Architecture.

We still collaborate with TOI. All employees also work for TOI every now and then. This ensures we have in-depth understanding of and feeling with our primary field: education at the Faculty of Architecture. The main focus areas are:

  • Support for basic TU Delft ICT facilities
  • CAD/Design/Architecture software applications support

More information about TOI can be found on http://toi.bk.tudelft.nl

Year planning

Academic year 2017-2018
Academic year 2016-2017
Academic year 2015-2016
Academic year 2014-2015
Academic year 2013-2014
Academic year 2012-2013

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