Virtual Reality

“A different look on Architectural Visualization “VR_3-01

As architecture students/professionals, one of the most important tools for presenting your design is the architectural representation.  How often have you spent endless hours in creating that perfect 3D model only to present it afterwards as a merely 2D illustration. By doing this not only are you using just half of the capabilities of the 3D model but also you and your audience can only imagine how your design would look like on a 1:1 scale. This is why @HOK together with the TOI department are constantly working on bringing the Architectural Design Visualization one step closer to reality.


At this point we are researching how we can offer students an affordable and at the same time powerful VR experience. For the development of the VR modules we are using UNITY as a VR environment engine, an android phone with the latest Android build, a google cardboard VR glasses set and a Bluetooth controller. If you would like to try our VR models you can download them from our website or you can come by @HOK and ask for a test-drive.




Build by @hok:

@Hok model V0.3 (for Android, also works with game controller)
@Hok model V0.4.1 (for Android, also works with game controller)
@Hok model V1.3.3 (for Android, also works with game controller)