Summer holiday

During the summer @Hok will have limited opening hours between 8 and 12 July and will be closed between 15 July and 23 August.


If you need to backup your files, before restoring your Windows system, you can visit SID-Library. Before you go to the Library with your laptop, it is required that you have removed your hard drive out of your laptop and that you have an external hard drive with you to copy your important files on it.

Problems with FollowMe printing after Windows feature update

You might consider to wait before installing the feature update of Windows 10 to version 1903. The instructions in Install the Xerox printer on Windows 10 do not work if you have Windows 10 version 1903 installed.


ICT has found a working solution, which you can use if you have already installed the feature update of Windows 10. Read the instructions provided by ICT.

There are also alternative methods available for printing:

How to check my Windows version

Go to Start > Settings > Sytem > About to find out which version you have.

Happy Holidays!

Due to Christmas holidays, @Hok will be closed from 24 December 2018 until
4 January 2019. We are open on Monday 7 January 2019.

Happy holidays!

No mail from Rhino with license information

If you tried to obtain a TU license for Rhino and you did not receive one. That could be right, because the spam filter of the TU Delft deleted those e-mails.

It is fixed now, but you have to enter your TU e-mail address again to receive the e-mail with the license information.

Somehow the mail server of McNeel has ended up in a blacklist. This means that e-mails from were considered as spam and automatically deleted by the spam filter. Settings have been changed to prevent this in the future.