A change has been made in how to get a personal Rhino license with your TU (student) email address. The special TU download pages on rhino3d.com where you entered your TU (student) email address to get a serial code for Rhino 6 or 7 do not work anymore.

New users

If you have never used Rhino and the introduction above does not ring a bell with you, then please follow the installation manuals for Rhino 6 or 7 for Windows or macOS on our manuals pages.

Same manuals are also available on the software portal of TU Delft.

Existing users

Your current Rhino 6 and/or 7 license will remain valid until 1 October 2021. However you will not be able to request a license code if you have lost yours. Instead, whether you have an existing Rhino account or not, you should start by going to https://accounts.rhino3d.com and entering your TU Delft email address (not your NetID). This process can also be initiated from Rhino 6 or 7 by choosing to log in when asked for a license.

Those of you without existing Rhino accounts associated with a TU Delft email address will be prompted straightaway to log in with your NetID. A new Rhino account will be created and automatically added to the “TU Delft University Licenses” team. Now, if you haven’t already, you can start Rhino and log in.

When logging in, and you already have a Rhino account associated with a TU Delft (student) email address, you will be guided through the process of configuring the new login method and joining the team.

What to do if I already have personal licenses in my account?

If you own the licenses personally then you should consider moving them to another Rhino account that uses a personal email address. The risk is that when you stop with TU Delft you lose access to your NetID. You’ll then also lose the ability to log in to the associated Rhino account and thus lose access to any personal licenses within.